Spring 2024

What Remains by Esumi Fujimoto

Fall 2023

Vine of Smoke by Dana Salisbury

Summer 2022

Who Taught You Not To Run Near Water by Zoe-Aline Howard
Doewoman Triptych by Kimberly Ramos

Spring 2022

Matador by Rachel Calnek-Sugin
Baby Alligator by Scott Lambridis

Winter 2021

Churn by Deborah Derrickson Kossmann

summer 2021

Notes on Cleavage by SM Sukardi

Spring 2021

Commit Yourself by Susannah Mintz
Smart Pigs by Ilana Bean

Winter 2020

On Things Now Burning or Soon to Ignite by MK Sturdevant
Trust Me by Yuxi Lin

Summer 2020

Easter Sunday by Anney Bolgiano
Commoner’s Ring by Lesley Jenike


Local Private Radio by Tyler Flynn Dorholt

winter 2019

Smokescreen by Caroline Angell
Outside the Frame by Margaret Erhart


Now What by Molly Johnsen
The Law of Social Danger by Marianna Nash

Spring 2019

The Right to Grieve by Leah Angstman
In the Company of Liars by Brandi Bradley

Winter 2018

Some Gestures (Colorado) by Andrew Sargus Klein


Tilted Gardens by William Lowell Blair
Detainees May Receive by Kristin Chang


20/20 by Jackie Connelly
Illnesses And Injuries by Mackenzie Dwyer


Reflections Of An Insecure Mother by Judith Sara Gelt
Between The Toes by Katerina Ivanov

Summer 2017

Parentage, Poolside by Kelsey Gray
Ghost Feet by Melissa Wiley

Spring 2017

Theft by Peter Grimes

Winter 2016

Lava River Cave by Will Cordeiro

Summer 2016

Goodbye, And Again by Jamie Cattanach
Drake And The Erotics Of Loneliness by Victoria Kornick

Spring 2016

American Family c. 1985 by Jenniey Tallman
There’s A Woman I Love In Prague by David Bersell

Winter 2015

Nora’s Sweatshirt by Ross Wilcox

Summer 2015

Crossing Brooklyn Bridge by Helen Betya Rubinstein

Spring 2015

Dee Dee Was A Cat by Calvero

Fall 2014

The Mantra Suit of Armor by Jeff Bowles

Summer 2014

On Naming Women and Mountains by Lucy Bryan Green

Spring 2014

Mother Moves Us, Father by Nate Liederbach

Fall 2013

Sick by Harmony Neal

Summer 2013

border town by Amy B. Wright

Spring 2013

Smile4Waxy by Anthony Walner

Fall 2012

Crest by Susan McCarty

Summer 2012

On Deadlifting by Bryan Furuness

Spring 2012

Everything But the Poison by Kelly Magee

Fall 2011

Things That Sublimate in the Night by Mike Peterson

Summer 2011

from “Cloud-Capped Star” by Tarfia Faizullah

Spring 2011

The Miller’s Daughter by Ellen O’Connell

Fall 2010

You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know by Heather Sellers

Summer 2010

The Country We Lived In by Natasha Lvovich
Little Roadie by Chavawn Kelley