The Funny Thing by Michelle Ross
The Aquarium by Walker Rutter-Bowman
Mantras from the Southern Front by Asha Thanki


Why They Wore Orange by Rishika Batra
Necrophilia by Kai River Blevins
What Kind of God by Samuel Cheney
The Truth Is by Emily Cinquemani
We Don’t Know Yet That the Little Girl Is Safe by Teresa Dzieglewicz
Early Morning Conversations After My Mother Stops Taking Medication by Erika Goodrich
The Manager Talks About Getting Engaged by Jeff Kass
Ghost Psalm by Jennifer Key
Metamorphosis: Procne Serves Her Husband a Meal of His Own Child; Changed into a Swallow, She Nests in the Palace’s Eaves, Does Not Weep and Metamorphosis: The Female Into by Maggie Queeney
Love Underground by Matthew Sumpter
My Boyfriend Says Poetry and NASCAR Are the Same and Ode to My Late-30s Sex Drive by Amie Whittemore
Softball Tournament at 37th and Lituanica by Lizabeth Yandel


At the North Pole by Dostena Anguelova (translated by Holly Karapetkova)
Kramp by María José Ferrada (translated by Elizabeth Bryer)
Two Poems by Sophia Parnok (translated by Rainie Oet)
Two Poems by Zhu Zhu (translated by Dong Li)


Tilted Gardens by William Lowell Blair
Detainees May Receive by Kristin Chang


Darling Nova: Poems by Melissa Cundieff
In the Time of PrEP: Poems by Jacques J. Rancourt


The Shaman’s Last Vision by Dave Sims


Photography by Adam DesJardins