The Eagle Has Conjured Itself into a Dry Leaf Floating in the Wind by Rick Pechous
A Bomb, an Egg, and Anne Bradstreet’s Lover by Katie Williams


A Word for Berryman by Paul Allen
Stray Dog Prayers by Ryan Smith
Mandolin in White Wood, Inlay by Joshua Brown
Lazarus, To a Predator, and For My Brother by David McLoghlin
Rural Causality by Weston Cutter
The Sirens by Tyler Mills
Joe Cuomo, Local Weatherman, Tests The Old Idea Of Heaven by Sean Bishop
Litany by Rachael Lyon
Idyll, Prayer Handles, and Quart of View by Erin Radcliffe
Black Witch Moth by Phillip Williams
Upon the morning of the spring equinox I steal precisely ten words from John Berryman by Alice George


Things That Sublimate in the Night by Mike Peterson


Like A Promethean Curse by VGE


Juniper by Y La Bamba
Turquoise Balloons by Marmalakes
ESP by Hooded Fang
Schtick by Phantom Power
Cathode Ray by Blonde Summer
Screws Get Loose by Those Darlins
Sea Dreamer by Wildlife
Girls Like Me by TV Girl

cover art by ryder richards