Triage by Nickolas Butler
The Astronomer by Allyson Goldin Loomis


Late Summer: To the Bride, Gaunt Pleasures, Rain Off the Gulf of Guinea, and The Sorting Grounds by Todd Fredson
Venus De Milo by Christopher Ankney
xylem/deployment by Amanda Bales
Epithalamium and La Tarantata by Claudia Cortese
Blue Talk Bites by William Ford
To the Protestor at the Pride Parade by Andrew Kozma
This Is Siren Country and Self-portrait with a Teak Fleet of Sailing Ships by Lo Kwa Mei-en
Darlings by Jenny Lederer
The Ash Trees at Midnight by Jacob Newberry
The Foundling Wheel (2), Prayer, and A Proof by Blas Falconer


Everything But the Poison by Kelly Magee


Brooklyn by Sean Cooney
Loved by Among Brothers
Underneath the Crown by Juxedo
Water’s Vessel by Swimming in Speakers
Boy by Ra Ra Riot
Touch the Lion by Megafauna
No State Solution by Chicken Little


An Interview with Maile Meloy by Jenna Williams
An Interview with Bonnie Jo Campbell by Jill Schepmann

cover art by Lissy Elle Laricchia