Four Self-Portraits of the Mapmaker by Liz Breazeale
The First Part of Knowing by Kate Lister Campbell
Angry Signatures by Ursula Villarreal-Moura


Portrait of the Alcoholic Three Weeks Sober by Kaveh Akbar
Elegy, 1998 by Anuradha Bhowmik
Cruelty-Free by Conor Bracken
The Facts, As I Understand Them by Molly McCully Brown
The Doctor Asks Me When the Pain Began by Kerri French
Where Will You Spend Eternity : Heaven or Hell? by Mikko Harvey
Blue Orgy by Kamden Hilliard
At Skull Creek in Fayetteville, Arkansas by Chloe Honum
Junk Mail Marriage by Rachel Mennies
Social Death, an Address by Xandria Phillips
Beneficence by Justin Phillip Reed
Firewatch by Jan Verberkmoes
The Most Dangerous Game by Marcus Wicker


Lava River Cave by Will Cordeiro


Lightning on the Mountain by Charlotte Gross
The Uncanny Uncle Dave in the Insatiability of Man by Sean Ironman


A Coffee Shop Talk with Ross Gay by Tiana Clark
A Conversation with Danielle Evans by Kelsey Norris
A Conversation with Peter Guralnick by Katherine Miller

Images by Jess X Snow