The Cracks In The Sidewalk by Ben Loory
Aaron Englund, July 1970 by Lori Ostlund
Reptile House by Robin McLean


Getting It Right by Andrew Najberg
Early In The Day Of The Solar Eclipse, XII., and Before The World Went To Hell by Miriam Bird Greenberg
The Mummy Boycotts Easter by Patrick Whitfill
The Rise of Communism, Robert Frost in the Slaughter House, and Self-Portrait on Cigarette Foil I by Craig Blais
Lesson by Jenny Johnson
On Hunger by Elizabeth Wade
To the Heart by Ori Fienberg
A voice from the country of my dreams by Landa wo
Red Doors by Joe Bueter
Therapy Dog by Phil Estes
Storm Windows (Imago) by John Nieves
The Horizon and The Plains by Christopher DeWeese
from Winter: aphorisms by Sarah Vap


from “Cloud-Capped Star” by Tarfia Faizullah


Chiapas by Nick St. John
MCA by Keiler Roberts
The Old Guys by Mark Ehling and Will Dinski


Wind Will Not Shake Me by Oh, Mountain
Feathers (Don’t Change On Me) by Absofacto
Cannibal Street by Dudes Die
My True-Love and Saying Goodbye by Jim Clark
Beelzebub Is My Bud by Trilobite
Big Sur (Instrumental) by Botany
Birth of a Line by The Great Curve


An Interview With Jean McGarry by Rebecca Bernard
An Interview With Kevin Wilson by Jake Karlsruher
An Interview With D.A. Powell by Andrew Rahal
An Interview With David Shields by Ethan Milner

cover art by edward traugott