Russian Verbs of Motion by Jeremy Packert Burke
The Floor is Lava by Paul Crenshaw
Lacquered Claws by Toni Judnitch
Art Show by Su-Yee Lin


The Water by Dilruba Ahmed
She Went as a Cheetah by Evan Baur
Immortality (or on turning 36) by Zeina Hashem Beck
Tituba, Black Witch of Salem by Tara Betts
Altars by Bill Brown
Ecosphere Lauren Camp
narcissus (goes to the market) by jayy dodd
Poem for Kate in Chemo and Poem for Kate in Absentia by Alexis Rhone Fancher
Something Like Dark by Michael Hurley
we call ‘im buddy-toes by Marlin M. Jenkins
Beast Litany by Carly Joy Miller
In the Netflix Trailer Obama Says “I Don’t Fit in Anywhere” While Anthony Hamilton Pulls a Burning City Out of His Mouth by Julian Randall
To the Chevy Slowing Down Beside Me by Jacqueline Sabbagh
We Know Monsters by Their Teeth Kelly Grace Thomas
1941: The Drawings of Bill Traylor William Woolfitt


Theft by Peter Grimes


Birthplace of the Saints by Kevin Reilly


Images by Bedelgeuse