The Porch Prize is an annual writing contest held by The Porch, a nonprofit literary arts organization based in Nashville, Tennessee. The contest began in 2019, receiving more than 200 submissions in its inaugural year. We are excited to support The Porch and the Nashville writing community by publishing the winners of The Porch Prize in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.

Submission guidelines for the contest are available here. More information about The Porch can be found here.

2023 Porch Prize Winners
Poetry: “Call Sign: Mother” by Laura Joyce-Hubbard
Fiction: “School Day” by Alease Robertson
Creative Nonfiction: “Voices” by Jonathan Sharp

2022 Porch Prize Winners
Poetry: “Intervention” by Christian Collier
Fiction: “Bellow” by Sophia Huneycutt
Creative Nonfiction: “Swell, the Story of the Sailor and the Mermaid” by Jardana Peacock

2021 Porch Prize Winners
Poetry: “The Great Hunger” by Rina Kenney
Fiction: “Light to the Hills” by Bonnie Blaylock
Creative Nonfiction: “Guide to the Flora of Costa Rica” by Aria Dominguez

2020 Porch Prize Winners
Poetry: “Visiting Our Mother” by Kevin Norwood
Fiction: “The Dial Tone” by Hilary Bell
Creative Nonfiction: “Unplanned” by Barbara Mode Courtney

2019 Porch Prize Winners
Poetry: “Fog” by Annette Sisson
Fiction: “The Marine” by Ernie Reynolds
Creative Nonfiction: “The Transfiguration of Horace” by Lindsey Krinks