Water’s Vessel (the after visiting)
Swimming in Speakers

is the musical pairing of self-taught multi-instrumentalist Chris Clarke and lead-vocalist Meadow Eliz. Water’s Vessel is off an upcoming album tentatively titled “Guessing the Others,” which is due out before the summer of 2012.

Their sound is at once liquid, kind, and invigorating in its ability to defy expectation. Like a story or long poem it becomes more haunting after subsequent listens as the deep interior echoes slowly begin to surface. This is soulful and rhythmic story-telling.

About the recording of their first self-titled EP, “The snowy, subzero climate of Saranac Lake, New York, lent itself well to winter days spent creating and recording in Chris’s home studio…armed with a Casio, a laptop and a hodge-podge of analog equipment. Jo Sorrell (cello) and Justin Grizzoffi (percussion and guitars) add nuance to the tracks, and local NPR station NCPR granted access to their brand new studio for additional recording and mixing.”

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