The Margins of Tolerance by Eric Sasson
The Halloween They All Dressed As Darth Vader by John Minichillo
Lord God Bird by Pamela Main
Gastarbeiter by Peter Jurmu


Southern Light and Honeycombed by Rickey Laurentiis
Backfire 2 and Energumen by Heather Derr-Smith
Elephant by Yaul Perez-Stable Husni
Our Lady of the Candelabra, Our Lady of the Pomegranate, and or the apple-russet silk by Sarah Maclay


Powdered Milk by Keiler Roberts
Eat by JooHee Yoon
Chicano Codices Presents: Tamale Man #2 by Eric Garcia


Modern Drift by Efterklang
Flood and Egypt by Jeff Harms
Willie by Nora Jane Struthers
The Hand by Dark Dark Dark
A Winner Needs A Wand by Sufjan Stevens
Divergence by Paul Epp
Don’t Leave by Tyler James
All We Need by The Farewell Drifters
I Need More Green Than Grey by Symbion Project
Dog Walkers Of The New Age by Breathe Owl Breathe


An Interview with Salvador Plascencia by Matthew Baker
An Interview with Maira Kalman by Matthew Baker
An Interview with Beth Bachmann by Kendra DeColo

Spring 2010 Contributors
Cover Art by Maira Kalman