Feathers (Don’t Change On Me)

is the solo moniker of Jonathan Visger of the band Mason Proper. Using rhythm, strong lyricism and a touch of the electronic, Absofacto songs form textured and earnest pop soundscapes. There’s an interesting balance between the often airy and exuberant tempo versus the slick yet literary lyrics which deftly spin meaning into metaphors as they roll quickly with the beat.

The song “Feathers (Don’t change on me)” is off an upcoming singles collection to be titled “Sinking Islands.” Here, more of the same tight lyricism abounds. “Far and wide, / any bird I’ve ever heard of is here, / interlocked and wove. /They fold around and they frame you right, /just like some Escher might draw.

For more Absofacto check out: http://www.absofacto.com. —Rebecca Bernard