Perhaps poet Zviad Ratiani explains Maya Sarishvili’s poetry best: “Her poems are like the dueño of Rilke. Somehow self sufficient, and somehow something is always happening inside of them. Whenever I touch them, whenever I read them over and over again, something else is happening inside me each time.  Her poems are naked, containing so much naked feeling and sense, but on the other hand, so much intelligence.”

When I started, my plan was to translate only five or ten of her poems, but her poetry won me over quickly; I, along with my co-translator Nene Giorgadze, a childhood friend of Maya’s, are now working towards translating her award-winning collection Microscope. Being involved with such startling work has truly been a treat.

Timothy Kercher


Read Maya Sarishvili’s [These diamond weeds are], [Again by the windmills’ wings], Microscope, and Circle and Rectangle