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Article Submission: Eligibility and Motivation

Is your research eligible for submission?

Thank you for choosing to submit an article to Young Scientist! Before completing the submission, make sure you answer “YES” to the questions below to ensure eligibility.

  1. Are you a high school student?
  2. Have you completed a research project within the past 1-2 years?
  3. Have your co-authors (including the principal investigator/mentor of the lab) seen this submission and support you in submitting it to Young Scientist by signing the Young-Scientist-Contributor-Agreement.

Are you motivated for a publication?

Because this is a PEER-REVIEWED publication, experts in an array of fields will examine, review, and critique your work. Upon the results of this review process (approximately 2 weeks after the submission deadline), you may be asked to revise your submission according to the reviewers feedback (typically within a month’s time). These reviews are meant to make your manuscript stronger as it is prepared for presentation to the public. After a brief final review of your amendments, your article will be ready for publication. Proofs will be sent to all co-authors prior to publication for formatting and grammatical review prior to print.

  1. Are you willing to complete each step in the peer-review process?

If you would like to know more about this process prior to submission, please contact If you answered “YES” to these questions, please follow the steps on the right.