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Article Submission: Step 1

Article Submission: Step 1 – Download the Template

HINT: Set up a folder on your computer specifically for your submission so that as you complete the steps, you can place the additional files in that folder. This will make uploading your article information VERY SIMPLE!

Please download our Young-Scientist-Template and complete it accordingly. A .dot file can also be made available via email request to

Save the file as lastname_article.doc in the folder you created for your Young Scientist submission. If you have already written a version of your paper in a similar format, pasting text into the appropriate sections should work well as long as you retain the destination file format.

If you have questions about any of the sections, please see the template text itself. For reference format, feel free to download the Young Scientist Endnote style or see Reference Guidelines (or previous articles) for how references should be formatted. Any further questions, please email

  • There is a 3000 word maximum for each article (this includes all article sections – Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgements, References, and Supporting Information list)
  • There is a 3 figure and 1 table limit for each article*
  • There is a 30 citation maximum for each article

*Any additional figures or tables can be mentioned in the article as Supporting figures/tables (Supporting Information). These figures will be available online but not in the print version. If additional figures/tables are necessary, please list them in the Supporting Information section and upload the actual files during submission.

Got figures?

Once your template is complete, move on to Step 2 to prepare your figures for submission.