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Article Submission: Step 4 – Finalize Your Submission!

Author Information

In order for Young Scientist to properly credit you as an author, please make sure you have the following information ready:

  • The full title of your article
  • Your name, mailing address, and email address
  • The names and email addresses of your co-authors
  • The name and address of your high school
  • If applicable, the name of the program (outside your high school) through which you conducted your research.  (For example, this could include the School for Science and Math at Vanderbilt or a Research Experience for High School Students.)
  • The full title of your article

Compile this information in a Word document titled lastname_authorinfo.doc

Got Everything? Below is a checklist to ensure you are ready to submit!

Complete this checklist (coming soon!) and include it in your submission!


Double check that you have your completed checklist and everything on it!

Submit your article! 

Please email your complete submission to

It typically takes us a few weeks to process all submissions, so we appreciate your patience! We will email you once your submission has been processed.