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Article Submission: Step 1 – Eligibility and Motivation

Is your research eligible for submission?

Thank you for choosing to submit an article to Young Scientist! Before completing the submission, make sure you answer “YES” to each of the 4 questions below to ensure eligibility.

  1. Are you a high school student?
  2. Have you completed a research project within the past 1-2 years? (Original research only, no review articles will be accepted)
  3. Have your co-authors (including the principal investigator/mentor of the lab) seen this submission and support you in submitting it to Young Scientist? All co-authors must sign the Young Scientist Contributor Agreement for your article to be considered.
  4. Are you willing to complete each step in the peer-review process (see below)?

Are you motivated to participate in peer-reviewed publication?

Because this is a PEER-REVIEWED publication, experts in an array of fields will examine, review, and critique your work. It is common for the reviewers and editors to ask that you revise your submission; this is intended to make your manuscript stronger before it is presented to the public.

It takes roughly 6 MONTHS between manuscript submission and publication. An approximate timeline is:

  • November 1 – December 1: Manuscript submission
  • Late January: Receive review comments
  • Late February: Submit revised manuscript
  • Late March: Receive results of 2nd review
  • Early April: Approve PDF proof of article
  • May: Final articles published online

If you answered “YES” to these questions, please proceed to STEP 2.