Ye Olde Natural Feel

Keep Shining Through


Emerging from the unlikely confluence of Seattle’s underground indie and avant-garde Jazz scenes is a new offering of shape-shifting, ornately arranged pop tunes by Heatwarmer. The five-piece formed in music school where they met. Their music is simultaneously a tongue in cheek and deferential nod to music academia as it cherry-picks from disparate points across Western music history, using it as a mode of counterpoint. At the core, their song structure is both intuitive and sophisticated with contagious pop hooks and elegant chord patterns. The treatment of the songs juxtapose pieces of jazz, arena rock, Bollywood soundtrack, Caribbean drumming, 80s synth pop, classical, and free improvisation humorously, but not without taste. A local favorite, Heatwarmer has become known for their invigorating and virtuosic live performances, and four years since their inception they are presenting their debut album and embarking on a string of US tours.