We Got The Days
The So So Glos

are a rock n roll band of brothers from Brooklyn, New York, who formed in 2007 – a band that has taken their own 21st century slang term and re-appropriated it to define themselves. The band has said that they call themselves by the street term as incentive to combat this type of behavior. The band itself is made up. They’re made up of Alex Levine, of Ryan Levine, of Matt Elkin and of Zach Staggers. Through divorce and remarriage, brothers Alex, Ryan and step-brother Zach were grouped together at a very young age.

In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, the three started a rock and roll group. Without fully knowing how to play or tune their instruments, the group was born in 1991.

The video for “We Got The Days” (a song from the So So Glos’ 2007 self-titled album) was put together using footage of the band taken over a six year period by documentarian Christopher Elia. It follows the Glos through years of DIY touring, recording and venue running. Beginning with a 2007 excommunication from a “hip Manhattan scene” and ending with a return to grassroots sort of revolution, the boys travel through many hairstyles and climates along the way. “We Got the Days” shows the bros building a dynasty of ruckus and fun.