Phosphorescence by Amanda Fields
The Stars in Illinois by Dallas Woodburn
The Eye by Mike Meginnis


Dendrochronology by John A. Nieves
Dowsing by Gwendolyn Jensen
Repeat Live Capture by Brad Clompus
Tropic Troping Bird by Stephen Massimilla
Water-bearing by Ashley Keyser
To a Girl by Rachel Marie Patterson
Cul-de-Sac and Vine River by F. Daniel Rzicznek
Destruction Myth and David and the Anatomical Venus by Emma Sovich
Mother: An Aggadah and Damage Ready by Sarah Marcus
Dream of Adolescence by Leanne Chabalko
A Story We Might Follow by Joe Wilkins
Pantoum from Wilson Pickett Interview by Harold Whit Williams
Jake by Jonathan Brown
Strange Victory, Strange Defeat by Jeff Alessandrelli


On Deadlifting by Brian Furuness


Comiques by Anne Emond
The Wrong Side of Rapture by Traci Brimhall and Eryn Cruft


Step in (City Lines) by Fort Frances
Killing Time by Zephaniah Bostow
Drive by Thomas Donovan

film & dance

Plainsong by Hope Mohr
Hoverboard by Sydney Freeland


An Interview with Alicia Ostriker by Melissa Cundieff

cover art by pickles! master obsessor and creator of fantastical things