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Delicate Steve

is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Steve Marion. He composed, recorded, mixed, and played every instrument on Positive Force, his latest foray into joyful, guitar-driven eclecticism since 2010’s Wondervisions.

Says LUAKA BOP, Steve’s label, There’s a futuristic gleam to Delicate Steve that deletes all comparison to just about anything except maybe contemporaries like Yeasayer, Ratatat and the late, great Ponytail. Positive Force really is uplifting, straight outta the idyllic, tree-lined streets of Steve’s hometown of Fredon, deep in rural New Jersey, where he wrote and recorded this album. “The world is already so full of stuff,” Steve observes. “So if you’re going to put something in, why not make it something good, instead of adding more negativity. That’s part of the mission statement.”