Sean Cooney

This is how the music of Sean Cooney is described in his bio. “The lovechild of David Bowie and Katy Perry ran away from home, met up with T-Pain in Miami, moved to Brooklyn to lay down one of the most ridiculous party albums known to man, “The Last Thing I Heard before the Zombie Apocalypse”.

It is not inaccurate. This is pop hybrid story-telling at its most fun and free-wielding. Inventive and playful and dynamic, like a well-voiced short-short, each song is doing something new and self-contained.

“Sean Cooney spent years self producing these 16 songs, locked up in his studio, compressing each kick and snare to sizzling perfection and embellishing every track with crisp synths and whimsical flourishes. It is hard to believe that all the instruments were played by the man himself.”

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