Asphalt Grass
Factory Of Lights

is Austin-based songwriter and producer Luke T. Allen. Allen grew up in Maryland playing drums in bands like post-rock Ghosts! Ghosts! and pop-friendly Cops & Robbers, later fronting the Brooklyn psych-rock group Tel Quel. In 2008 he formed Austin garage-pop trio Dudes Die, his latest functional band. Factory Of Lights has been Allen’s ever-present side project, a haven for songwriting and poetry. “Asphalt Grass” exemplifies this devotion to the lyric elements of songwriting: “in a feat so impressive it’s almost repulsive / we sawed off our arms so we could be more impulsive / but the blood on the ground reflected the blank look in our stares / as we gazed at our own inventions.” dudesdie.wordpress.comRebecca Bernard