I. Woman as half-dead carcass

Reduced to meat, her jaw leaks out on the pavement. Later, the men of transportation will remove her bent-neck body from the highway, the imprint of her gory brilliance remaining until the next rain. For now, her intestines unfurl, stomach bursting carnations, cars swerving to avoid her mess. Their tires catching the muck anyways. What is most horrific: her tender throat faintly moving, glazed eye catching motion as it blurs past her.

Some Asian-Americans said the attack this week in Manhattan sent a chilling message: Even if assaulted on a busy street in broad daylight, they may be left to fend for themselves.


II. Doegirl wants to know if you plan to kiss her before or after the gutting

String me up, love. You have the knives, the permits, the booming gun, the leaf-patterned blind for reclining as you watch. Gut me, then, and dry me out. May you find me rich and earthy when I fill your mouth. Doe eyes black and glassy beneath you, my body only breathless empty silence. Let me leak on your sheets, let me leave bitter tongues of stain. May you mount my soft head above your fireplace, relish in this taxidermied softness, my brains replaced with fluff. I’ll watch you when you bring my sisters home. I’ll watch you as you grind their bones.

The way their race intersects with their gender makes Asian and Asian American women uniquely vulnerable to violence, said Sung Yeon Choimorrow, executive director of the non-profit advocacy group National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum.


III. How to Gut a Deer, In the Field, By Yourself! (Quick, Clean, Easy)

For the love of god, get her quiet. Snorting and bleating, she’s no good, calls attention, see? You’ll want a bandana, or some other rag to hinge her snout shut. If you do this right, you’re out of the wooded field in under fifteen minutes, hands heavy with fresh meat. You’ll want the knife half-dull. Makes the gutting slow, but ensures it’ll hurt as it happens. Pin her down, bring her back legs wide. Start at the groin, andcut upwards. Unslot her white stomach and open it like a cabinet: bone and spleen and yellow fat and bezoar and cattails and map back to where she came from. Hit the windpipe and she’s yours: it all stops beating.

As investigators pieced together whether and how racism and sexism might have motivated Tuesday’s attacks, people who knew Mr. Long offered new details about a dangerous collision of sexual loathing…                                                                                                  —NYT



Kimberly Ramos