Alex, it’s popsie Michael. There’s a new Turner Classic movie on and I wanna tell you about it, from 1931. I’m gonna watch it now, call me in a little while, my dear Alex, sweet Alex, who I love more than anyone in the world. You’re perfect, you’re….you’re 27 degrees higher than perfect. Now go back to work already will ya please.

—Father’s voice message


Saddled with lopsided psyche, yet
————able to turn
the grass broomstick of my mind
————to a prop

I step goofily
————————and stouthearted with.

Love’s a thigh-deep dirge,
and life’s
————not what it vowed to me
————on that young hillside.

It’s kneecapped and keelhauled –

————————though what
————a funny portrait of me
it’s forged.
————A horseplay curtsy,

a lorgnette at my forehead,
Catskillian. I keep smiling,
————————though the curtain’s down.

————Don’t act like I’m boo-hoo
————and no mirth. I laugh
with the skin of my teeth.



Alex Chertok