Artist’s Statement:

My work explores time and the concept of home. As I begin a painting, I invite my musings to inform the initial layers of the piece. I allow those ideas to create a landscape, and a relationship forms between intuition, writing and mark making. I like to imagine a string running through each painting of mine, forming one continuous conversation; one that feeds into my next composition and simultaneously absorbs information from the last. 

It is a meditative process, to remain present through this dialogue. Balance is practiced both visually and conceptually by revisiting experiences from the past, and looking toward the inevitable lessons that will come with time. My studio practice is a study of balance between lightness and darkness, simplicity and accumulation, and finally, of stillness and motion. 

My process, thoughtful and well considered, is also uninhibited and open to chance. This process allows trust and understanding to form between artist, medium and substrate. 

-Jennifer Gauthier