Teen Vogue said that my biggest fear
is being misunderstood. But I’m starstruck
at the idea of anyone trying at all. I am
trying so hard. My eyes don’t water
when I swallow popsicles anymore
and I have tons of gum in my bag in case
you ask & if you asked I’d say yes & if I
said yes then you’d hear me. What does
my voice sound like to you? My name
is more than mine when I imagine you
saying it.
ddddddddI rigged my cootie catcher
to tell you that you loved me. I accordion
my fingers & perform as if I haven’t
rehearsed & you don’t need to know
that on the other flaps I haven’t even written
any words. If I could choose I would
row your gondola in a rough midnight
river. Lay my head in your lap on the grass
of the park amphitheatre, dreamy pop
music lulling us into forever. I know
your fortune, now pick a number.



Kelsey Carmody Wort