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Effect of Histamine on the Retina

Studying the development of the visual system through the application of histamine on the developing retina.

Posted by buchanle on Tuesday, April 30th, 2024 in May 2024, ,

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The Fabrication of Retina Phantoms for Sub- and Intra- Retinal Injections

A retina phantom was made to mimic the mechanical and visual properties of a human retina under OCT to simulate retinal injection ther-apies.

Posted by John Lee on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020 in May 2019, , , , ,

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Design and Evaluation of Retinal Models for Robotic Ophthalmic Procedures

Authors: Frank Jiang Haoran Yu and Nabil Simaan

Posted by Printess Berry on Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 in May 2013, , ,

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