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Nuclear Virus-Host Interactions During Coronavirus Infection

Despite replicating in the cytoplasm, coronaviruses employ several mechanisms surrounding the nucleus to promote proliferation.

Posted by John Lee on Thursday, May 20th, 2021 in May 2021, , , , ,

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Recovery of Putative Temperature-Sensitive Mutations in Coro-navirus Nonstructural Protein 5 Reveals Conserved Determi-nants of nsp5 Structure

This study identifies temperature-sensitive mutations as conserved determinants in coronavirus nsp5 proteins of strains HKU1 and OC43.

Posted by Greta Clinton-Selin on Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 in May 2013, , ,

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Coronavirus Subversion of Host Cell Membranes

This study focused on the novel use of dextrans to assess the capacity for a model Coronavirus to induce macropinocytosis through the course of infection.

Posted by Printess Berry on Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 in May 2011, , ,

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