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Calculus Placement Policy

The Department of Mathematics offers a calculus survey course, two standard calculus sequences, and a sequence in multivariable calculus and linear algebra for especially well prepared students.

The survey course, Math 1100 (formerly 140), includes both differential and integral calculus at an introductory level. It is designed for students who do not have a need for further study in calculus.? No background in trigonometry is required for Math 1100.

Students who only intend to take one year of calculus can take either 1200-1201 (formerly 150a-150b) or 1300-1301. The first sequence begins with a three week review of algebra and trigonometry.

Students who intend to take a full calculus sequence or intend to take math courses beyond calculus should take 1300-1301-2300 (formerly 155a-155b-175). This sequence is strongly recommended for students who are planning to major in mathematics or a field of science or engineering in which calculus-based courses need to be taken in the sophomore year.

A student who achieves a score of 5 on the Calculus BC AP exam is eligible to enroll in Math 2500-2501 (formerly 205a-b). These courses cover multivariable calculus and linear algebra with an emphasis on rigorous proofs and are alternatives to Math 2300 (formerly 175) and 2600 (formerly 204) for students with a strong interest in mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics strongly recommends that students enter a calculus sequence at the beginning (Math 1200 or 1300) unless they have appropriate AP or transfer credit. There will be a two-week period at the beginning of the fall semester when students can change from one level of calculus to another.? Students should consult with their instructors and their advisers for assistance during this period.

Students with a weak background in algebra and/or trigonometry should enroll in Math 1005 (formerly 133), Pre-calculus Mathematics, prior to taking 1200 or 1300.? A score of 600 or below on the Math 2 SAT Subject test is one indication of a problematic background for calculus.

The AP calculus credit policy and appropriate starting points for students with AP credit are outlined in the table below:

A student with a score of On the Receives Of credit for And may be placed in Or an earlier course
5 AB exam 4 hours Math 1300 Math 1301 Math 1200

Math 1201

Math 1300

3 or 4

with subscore 5

BC exam

AB portion

4 hours Math 1300 Math 1301 Math 1200

Math 1201

Math 1300

5 BC exam 8 hours Math 1300 and Math 1301 Math 2300 or

Math 2500

Math 1200

Math 1201

Math 1300

Math 1301

Math 2200


Starting at an earlier course will generally result in loss of hours of AP credit.


Updated JAR, April 21, 2015