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Master’s Degree in Mathematics at Vanderbilt

The Mathematics Department offers the Master of Arts (M.A.) degree. Admission to candidacy for the master’s degree is requested through applications available online at the Graduate School. (See: Application Process.) General and specific Mathematics Department requirements are given below. The student should also consult the “General Requirements” from the Graduate School as well as the “Academic Regulations” in the Graduate Catalog (also online at the above web address.)


A. Continuous Registration

Registration must be continuous except for summer sessions. Any interruption in registration must be authorized by the Dean of the Graduate School as a leave of absence. Thus, except when granted a leave of absence, the student must register each Fall and Spring semester, even if all course and hour requirements have been met. Failure to maintain continuous registration will result in loss of student status.

B. Residence Requirement

The student must spend at least the equivalent of one academic year in residence.

C. Maintaining a B Average

Credit is received for courses in which a grade of C or higher is earned. A minimum overall grade point average of a B is required for graduation. Grades received in no-credit courses and in Math 7999 are not included in computing the grade-point average.


MA Degree requirements

Course Work: Thirty-six credit hours of course work at the 5000 level or above, other than Math 7999, must be taken, divided between major and minor subjects, and approved by the Mathematics Department. Up to twelve of these 36 hours may be in related fields such as computer science, economics, or physics.

This program is flexible and is particularly well suited for students preparing for careers in industry, actuarial work, or government.

Master of Arts Degree in Passing

Course Work: Thirty-six credit hours of course work in mathematics at the 5000 level or above, other than Math 7999, must be taken. For one or two of these courses, the student may, with approval of the Director of Graduate Studies, substitute mathematically relevant graduate courses outside the Mathematics Department.