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Law Review Member Selection: The Law Review selects new members in the spring of their first year. Students interested in Law Review membership are required to compete in the journal write on competition following their spring final exams. The Law Review selects approximately thirty-two first year students annually.

Transfer students may also become members. The Law Review conducts a transfer competition in the fall.

Second year students may also write on to the Law Review. The write-on competition is conducted in the spring.

Law Review Member Duties: Second year Law Review members have two principal duties. Second year students are required to assist the Managing Department in cite-checking professional and student pieces. Thorough and accurate completion of this duty is a requirement for membership.

The Law Review also requires all second year members to write a student note. The note may be on any original American jurisprudential topic. Thoughtful, well-written, and innovative notes will be published by the Law Review.

Third year members have the opportunity to serve on the Law Review’s editorial board. Editorial positions are chosen in the spring of a member’s second year.