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From Design to Fashion, from Fashion to Design


  • From Design to Fashion, from Fashion to DesignThe Department of Theatre and the Italian program within the Department of French and Italian propose an immersive experience through the world of design and fashion, which offers students the opportunity to investigate the aesthetics and process of costuming and makeup, the cultural, historical, and economic aspects of Italian brands, and the issues and practices of sustainable fashion. Students selecting this opportunity take THTR 1111-05 “Sustainable Fashion: Issues, Practices, and Possibilities,” THTR 3741 “Elements of Basic Design: Costuming and Makeup” (which is offered every two years), and ITA 3704 “Made-in-Italy: Italianness in Italy and Abroad.” During these courses, students are offered theoretical reflections on the topic of design and fashion as well as hands-on experiences and contacts with design and fashion communities from the local to global level.

For their final project, students can choose between two options.

Option A: The first consists of a comparative analysis between Italian and American brands or an investigation of the local and global economy of a Made-in-Italy brand with an international market.
Option B: The second consists of a practical project on costuming or sustainable practices to realize in The Wond’ry Innovation Center.
Immersion pathway: Creative expression

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Contact Alexandra Sargent Capps at alex.sargent@Vanderbilt.Edu