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Contemporary Italian Society and Culture

  • Contemporary Italian Society and CultureAfter completing the first three semesters of Italian, students have the choice of enrolling in three courses at an upper intermediate or advanced level. Students could take two 200-level classes and one 300-level class or one 200-level class and two 300-level classes. Possible 200-level classes are ITA 2614 “Conversation” and ITA 2501W “Grammar and Composition.” Possible 300-level classes are ITA 3041 “Italian Civilization,” ITA 3701 “City Fictions,” ITA 3702 “Topics in Contemporary Italian Civilization,” ITA 3704 “Italy: A World Cultures & Languages,” ITA 3802 “Contemporary Italian Society and Culture.”

The immersion project entails:

  1. a) collecting classwork (e.g. projects, assignments, in-class activities, quizzes, exams, etc…) from the three language semesters in the portfolio provided by Brightspace;
  2. b) reflecting on the language learning process (which in-class or outside-of-the-classroom assignments were the most helpful throughout the three semesters), cultural awareness and intercultural competence acquisition, and application of the language(s) in the future life (concrete examples);
  3. c) creating a final creative artifact (in English or in the target language(s), including movies, posters, visual journals, performances, etc…) after completing the three semesters, through which present one’s own language and culture experience throughout the three courses.

Immersion pathway: Creative expression

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