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A Characterization of Three Groups of MC3T3-E1 Pre-Osteoblastic Cells to Aid in Testing of Polyurethane-Bone Scaffolds for Wound Healing

This study characterized three groups of MC3T3-E1 preosteoblastic cells with different culturing history, focusing on proliferation rates and alkaline phosphatase levels.

Posted by Printess Berry on Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 in May 2011, , ,

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Optimizing Transfection Efficiency and Determining Release Kinetics of Plasmid DNA from Polyurethane Scaff olds in vitro

The purpose of this study was to deliver DNA from biomaterial scaffolds to cells in vitro.

Posted by Printess Berry on Thursday, August 27th, 2015 in May 2012, , , ,

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The Role of Mechanical Rigidity in Cell Motility and the Progression of Cancer Metastases in Bone

A study on the behavior of breast cancer cells in response to bone’s mechanical stimuli

Posted by Greta Clinton-Selin on Thursday, July 16th, 2015 in May 2014, , ,

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