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Research on Women, Protest, and Law

Research on Women, Protest, and Law is a research collaborative led by Professor Holly McCammon in the Department of Sociology.  The goal of the collaborative is to examine U.S. women’s protest and women’s interactions with law, both the ways in which women have influenced law and how the law shapes women’s lives.  Both graduate students and undergraduates at Vanderbilt are involved in research projects associated with the collaborative.  Professor McCammon regularly teaches both a Women & the Law course (Soc 3611) and a Research on Women, Protest, and the Law course (Soc 4981), the latter which allows undergraduates to pursue their own research projects in this area.  Students who have taken the Women & the Law course may become involved in the faculty-led research collaborative with Professor McCammon.


Current collaborative participants are:

  • Graduate Research Assistants:
    Amanda Konet
    Sarah Torrence
    Rachel Underwood
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant:
    Kathryn Gripenstraw