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On the Market

Darwin Baluran

Dissertation: “Partitioning a Monolith: Differential Racialization among Asians in the United States”

Fields: Race/Ethnicity; Demography; Health and Mortality; Criminology, Law and Society

Advisor: Dr. Evelyn J. Patterson

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Marva Goodson

Dissertation: A First Look at Justice-Involved Women’s Egocentric Social Networks

Fields: Social Networks, Social Stratification, and Crime and Deviance

Adviser: Dr. Merry Morash

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Hannah Ingersoll

Dissertation: A Tale of Two Solutions to the College Affordability Crisis

Fields: Sociology of Education & Education Policy, Political/Legal Sociology, Organizational Theory, Sociology of Race, Class, and Gender

Adviser: Dr. Dan Cornfield

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Hannah Regan

Dissertation: Liking Your Way to Love, Swiping Your Way to Sex: Sexual Fields and Capital Exchange on Dating Apps

Fields: Gender and Sexuality, Social Psychology, Health, Mass and Social Media

Adviser: Dr. Laura Carpenter

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Rachel Zajdel

Dissertation: “The Overlooked Effects of Mass Incarceration, Data Constraints, and Legal Status on Immigrant and Inmate Health”

Fields: Health disparities, Immigration, Race/Ethnicity, and punishment & inequality

Adviser: Dr. Evelyn J. Patterson

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