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Contact Us

Department Chair
Holly McCammon
Phone: 615-322-7531
Address: Garland Hall 313

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Shaul Kelner
Phone: 615-875-3180
Address: Garland Hall 321H

Director of Graduate Studies
Joshua Murray
Phone: 615-322-7506
Address: Garland Hall 201C

Administrative Manager
Sandy Cherry
Phone: 615-322-7500
Address: Garland Hall 201AA

Administrative Coordinator
Jane Campbell
Phone: 615-322-1126
Address: Garland Hall 201

Program Coordinator
Crystal Jackson
Phone: 615-343-7716
Address: Garland Hall 124A

Administrative Specialist
Breana Thompson-Guy
Phone: 615-343-6120
Address: Garland Hall 124

The Department Offices Are Located In
201 Garland Hall

Department of Sociology
Vanderbilt University
PMB 351811
Nashville, TN 37235-1811
Phone: 615-322-7626
FAX: 615-322-7505

To request general information about the department, email us. To declare a major or minor in sociology click here.