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Program Guide & Requirements

The Graduate Program Guide provides important details about departmental requirements.  It is the primary source for understanding how to navigate the various phases of graduate training in our department.


The Master’s Degree in Sociology is ordinarily earned as part of the work toward the Ph.D. The following requirements for the M.A. degree are to be completed by the student’s fourth semester:

  • Soc. 6301, Classical Theory
  • Soc. 6302, Contemporary Theory
  • Soc. 6310, Sociological Inquiry: Introduction to Research Methods
  • Soc. 6311, Statistics (Multivariate Analysis I)
  • Soc. 6312, Statistics (Multivariate Analysis II)
  • Soc. 7500, Workshop on Sociological Criticism
  • 18 hours of elective course work (including one additional methods seminar, two survey seminars, and one special topic seminar)
  • Pass the Master’s Paper
  • Department Colloquium Series
  • First-Year Professionalization Seminars

Total credit hours required for the M.A.: 36

To earn the Ph.D., students must first complete all requirements for the M.A. Additional requirements for the Ph.D.:

  • 33 additional hours of electives
  • Soc. 7400, Teaching Workshop
  • Pass two Special Area Exams
  • Satisfactory defense of dissertation proposal
  • Completed dissertation
  • Satisfactory defense of dissertation
  • Department Colloquium Series

Total credit hours required for the Ph.D. degree: 72