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Jihan Mohammed

Lecturer in Sociology

Jihan Mohammed is a faculty lecturer at Vanderbilt’s Department of Sociology. She holds a Ph.D. in sociology from Michigan State University. Her research focuses on investigating how ethnic and sectarian identities are constructed and deconstructed in the contemporary Middle East. In my dissertation “Sectarian Discrimination in Post-2003 Iraq: An Empirical Study on Iraqi Arab Sunnis and Iraqi Arab Shiites” she used qualitative & quantitative methods and employed Iraq, as a site to examine the extent to which sectarianism impacts Iraqi Arab Sunnis and Iraqi Arab Shiites' attitudes and behaviors. Part of her research also focuses on Iraqi Kurds and their struggle to achieve statehood. In her co-authored paper “Iraqi Kurds: The dream of a nation-state” published in the journal Digest of the Middle East Studies, she analyzes why the 2017 Kurdish independence referendum failed. She is a member of the Middle East Studies Association and the American Sociological Association.