allow yourself to                                       bite into the dark                  its excruciating warm
chew your engine back                          and idle down it                     his digital twitch
pretend you like apple-picking          all girl-child shiny                  his favorite hunt

need your way home lit                         beacon me please                    the natural math
smell like you need carrying                then spring it on him            full-on needy
dressed in thinnest sheets                     really be the knife                   he wants sharply

to wield a body like the lord               it takes practice you know    to make an idea
that’s no hodgepodge                            and might be worth it             if he can possibly
make your skin flush                             when the morning comes     before it’s too late

maybe a trademark baby voice          be infant siren shore               he knows the world
would be a good idea                             to put banana peels                  along his doorstep
to crack his tools for good                   covertly in the places              that will be enough

to reorient perceptions                             that might hurt the most         a newfound gutting
in your favor you are sweet                you might smile a lot                but you’re not nice
and need an explanation                      and need a head pat                    and to burn it all

that would unpink the earth            but the act of catching                would require much
more than you would like                 and cutting this waste needs     time you don’t have
for a little-limbed mood                    logistics beyond means                for a kid in a hair-suit