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Along with Nancy Scherich (Elon University, winner of 2017 Dance Your Ph.D. contest), Department of Mathematics Chair Dan Margalit is producing a mathematical variety show as part of the January 2024 Joint Mathematical Meetings in San Francisco.

The show will feature some of today’s greatest mathematical performers including magician Art Benjamin, slam poet Harry Baker, mime Tim Chartier, the a capella group The Klein Four, and more! The show will be hosted by mathematician, comedian, and popular author extraordinaire Matt Parker.

According to Margalit, “The variety show will be a unique outreach event to promote mathematics to the general public. We aim to inspire members of the community to see mathematics as the beautiful and ubiquitous subject that it is. We want to cultivate appreciation for mathematics, and we want to inspire young minds to envision for themselves a future in mathematics and science.”

You can purchase tickets on Eventbrite or during registration for the JMM. The tickets at Eventbrite are closer to the stage and assigned seating. The tickets sold through the AMS are general admission and less close to the stage (but still great!).