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April 3, 2020

CAT(0)-spaces associated to II_{1}-factors

I will discuss recent joint work with Lewis Bowen and Frank Lin. In it, we consider a natural metric satisfying the CAT(0) condition (a certain natural negative curvature condition) on a space of operators affiliated to a tracial von Neumann algebra (a version of this space appeared in previous work of Andruchow-Larotonda). We also investigate how the geometric properties of this CAT(0) space reflect algebraic/analytic properties of the underlying von Neumann algebra.

Join Zoom Meeting (Meeting ID: 740 238 195)

If you open the Zoom app and type in the meeting ID, you should be able to join. You may want to arrive a couple of minutes early, so we are all in the virtual seminar room by the time Ben starts. The plan is to follow the talk with a virtual beer & pizza session