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Executive Compensation Consultants and CEO Pay

Mar. 30, 2011—This Article surveys recent empirical studies on the relation between compensation consultants and CEO pay. The economic rationale for using executive compensation consultants is that they supply valuable data, information, and professional expertise to client firms. However, critics argue that the consultant’s independence might be compromised because of conflicts of interest arising from the cross...

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Paying For Advice: The Role of the Remuneration Consultant in U.K. Listed Companies

Mar. 30, 2011—Compensation consultants are an integral part of the process of determining executive pay in large listed companies. This study reports interview-based research with protagonists in setting executive compensation in twelve FTSE 350 companies and addresses why the consultants are used, what they do, and how they are perceived. Consultants have several important roles. Firstly, they...

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