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GLI Graduate Student Programming Grant

The Graduate Leadership Institute Programming Grant was established to support student-organized programs and events that will enhance the graduate student experience at Vanderbilt. Priority will be given to proposals that support the following core objectives:

  • Create leadership and professional development opportunities for graduate students.
  • Strengthen interdisciplinary networks on campus and promote collaboration.
  • Build diverse and inclusive communities.
  • Create meaningful opportunities for graduate student engagement.

Awards of up to $2000 will be granted through this funding opportunity. Additional funds may be available should the scale and impact of the program be deemed exceptional.


Students can apply as individuals or on behalf of a student organization on campus. To be eligible the primary applicant must:

  • Be a registered graduate school student (PhD, MS, MA, MFA, MLAS) in good standing.
  • Have a co-sponsor(s) that will match at least 10% of the GLI amount awarded in the form of direct funds or an in-kind match (non-cash contribution of value: event space, food, etc.).
  • Submit a complete application at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the program/event.


  • Grants are limited to $2,000, and all charges must comply with Vanderbilt finance policies.
  • The GLI reserves the right to award more or less than the full sum requested by successful applicants, based on the degree of need demonstrated by the proposal and budget, the program scale and impact, the number of successful applications, and the total available funds.
  • Award funds will either be provided directly to award recipients or directly to vendors via the Oracle procurement system.
  • Awards cannot be applied retroactively.
  • Funds may only be used as proposed in the application.
  • Applicants MUST be prepared to move forward with the proposed work if awarded a grant. 
  • We ask that students be responsible stewards of GLI resources. If the awardee cannot move forward with the proposed work, they must notify the GLI immediately. 


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis during the academic year until funds are expended. Application Materials:

  1. Program Proposal (2-pages): Description & Rationale
    Explain how the proposed program meets the above core objectives. Provide co-sponsor information. Outline expected attendance, promotion plan, and timeline. Provide anticipated outcomes and benefits of the proposed program.
  2. Program Budget (full event budget & specifically how the GLI funds will be used)
  3. Signed letter of co-sponsorship

Application materials must be submitted in PDF format via InfoReady

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please contact Irene Wallrich for application questions (615-343-7030 or