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Graduate Student Anne-Sophie Dubosson publishs poetry in the Anthology of young Swiss romande poets

Posted by on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 in Uncategorized.

Graduate Student Anne-Sophie Dubosson has published her poetry in the Anthology of Young Swiss Romande Poets:

The sixteen poets featured in this anthology are all young, creative and represent the land of French-speaking Switzerland with which they are bound and from which, at the same time, they are drawn away, only to return renewed each and every time. Anne-Sophie Dubosson, poet and traveler, rediscovers “momentary miracles” and, upon returning to her country, “a certain abandonment in nature and life”. She goes through phases of contemplation and introspection, seeking “something that is close to destitution” and, through her writing, copes with absence, the emotion it creates, and the difficulty with rediscovering meaning when returning to the roots, the inner anguish, the desire for the motherland and the trouble with remaining in it. The poet needs the mountains and waters of her country, the splendid and powerful nature and the language of its inhabitants. Her texts are simple and reflect the experience that emanates scents of earth and water, a magic, love. We are swept away by the music of words, “taking things as they come: I love this water this flooded field the tenderness of letting go there is this truth being made from this fluid living beauty our swamp the seizure of the rose tree bending like that cold wind in search of winter”.

Anne-Sophie also had one of her poems,”Ma peau enfouie dans le limon”, read on Radiopanik – Revues Litteraires: Belgique, Suisse, France Radiopanik. Click here for more details.