A poem by  Kim Hyesoon, translated from the Korean by Cindy Juyoung Ok


————-On this side and that side, quietness
————-This side melts that side and
————-that side drinks this side and
————-the gently twirling spring
————-night, this side and that side’s constant osmotic pressure
————-Still, dreams, that disappear upon breaking
————-like egg innards with
————-tomorrow’s breakfast

This side stands that side up
causing its hair to soar and
tossing it in solitary confinement and
making leftover shit tingle and
recalling all sound and
spilling the beans of anxiety into the bloodstream
Broad daylight, the spring that refuses sleep
Water, black roots stretched under my two feet
to not melt
to not doze and meld
two fingers shoved into two eyes
inside boiling water the missed midday opium
It can’t it can’t and then
peeing cascading saltwater



Kim Hyesoon & Cindy Juyoung Ok