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Sylvia Barack Fishman presents “Circles of Jewish Life: Changing Family Formation and Jewish Connectedness among America’s Younger Jews”

Posted by on Thursday, October 26, 2017 in Past Events.

Circles of Jewish Life: Changing Family Formation and Jewish Connectedness among America’s Younger Jews

What do we know about younger American Jews and their friends, personal lives, and families? How do they relate to “Jewishness,” and what does it mean to them? Is there a connection between their personal choices and their attachments to Jews, Judaism, and Jewish culture?┬á In this lively, interactive session, Prof. Sylvia Barack Fishman will present the most recent research on the lifestyles, attitudes, and concerns of American Jewish Millennials.

Thursday, November 9 – 12pm

Buttrick 123

Lunch provided.


Sylvia Barack Fishman is the Joseph and Esther Foster Professor of Contemporary Jewish Life in the Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Department at Brandeis University, and Co-Director of the Hadassah Brandeis Institute. She is the author of eight books, including Love, Marriage, and Jewish Families: Paradoxes of a Social Revolution (2015), which examines the full range of contemporary Jewish personal choices and what they mean for the American and Israeli Jewish communities today. Another recent book, The Way Into the Varieties of Jewishness, explores diverse understandings of Jewish identity, religion and culture across the centuries, from ancient to contemporary times. Her other books and numerous articles discuss the interplay of American and Jewish values, transformations in the American Jewish family, the impact of Jewish education, gender and sexuality in American Jewish life, and portrayals of Jews and Jewishness in fiction and film. Among other honors, Prof. Fishman recently received The Marshall Sklare Award from the Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry (2014).