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Effective Fall 2015, Vanderbilt University has introduced a new course catalog numbering scheme. For assistance with the translation between old (3-digit) and new (4-digit) numbers, please consult the Course Renumbering Lookup Tool.

The minor in psychology is intended for those students who want to gain an overview of the science of psychology and its methodological foundations, and to sample more advanced work in the areas of specialization within psychology at Vanderbilt.

Students are required to complete 18 hours of course work inside the department, distributed as follows:
[3] Psychology 1200
[3] Psychology 2100 or PSY-PC 2110 (Peabody)
[3] Psychology 2150
[6] Two courses from the list of Distribution Courses specified for the major
[3] One additional elective course (see major page for definition of electives)

[18] Total hours


Students may elect undergraduate seminars (Psychology 3890–3894) as the additional course at the 200-level, but not Directed or Independent Study (Psychology 3840 and 3850)