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Research Projects

List of Research Projects

C2STEM is a multi-institutional project to design and develop a Collaborative, Computational STEM (C2STEM) learning environment that is based on a novel computational paradigm that combines visual programming with the concept of domain specific modeling languages to promote discipline-specific (e.g., Physics, Economics) computational modeling, while promoting synergistic learning of discipline-specific and CS (CT) concepts and practices. 




ECR Betty’s Brain-BROMP is a multi-institutional collaborative project to enhance the theory and measurement of students’ self-regulated learning (SRL) processes during science learning  (using the Betty’s Brain OELE) by developing a technology based framework which leverages human expert judgment and machine learning methods to identify key moments during SRL and analyze these moments in depth.


Data Mining/Learning Analytics

Teachable Robotics

Decision Making in Land Navigation – GIFT

Betty’s Brain – Collaborative