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Betty’s Brain is an open-ended learning environment that helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills and strategies as well as knowledge about key science concepts and systems, such as ecology, climate change and human body thermoregulation, using a learning-by-teaching approach.


The Collaborative, Computational STEM (C2STEM) learning environment combines visual programming with domain specific modeling languages (DSMLs) to promote discipline-specific (e.g., Physics, Marine Biology) computational modeling, while providing synergistic learning of discipline-specific and CS (CT) concepts and practices.

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SPICE curriculum materials blend disciplinary core ideas, science and engineering design practices, and crosscutting concepts as called for in the the Next Generation Science Standards.

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Chimerapy is a distributed computing framework for multimodal data. The framework provides the infrastructure to deploy multimodal data pipelines across a cluster.

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Metacognitive Tutoring Framework in GIFT

We developed a metacognitive tutoring framework within the GIFT (Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring) architecture to address US Army challenges in providing computer-based training environments that adapt to the learner’s competence and state.

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Smart Nursing

This project, in collaboration with our colleagues at the LIVE Initiative at Vanderbilt, is a simulation-based training environment used to help nurses develop their clinical skills. These simulations take place at the Vanderbilt School of Nursing’s Skills and Simulation Lab.

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Prior Technologies

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